Thursday, October 25, 2007


Hollywood Nobody is the 1st book in the 'Nobody' series, following the adventures of 15 (almost 16!) Scotty.
Scotty is the daughter of a crazy food designer & caterer for movie sets. Scotty's crazy mom, Charley & Scotty live in a rainbow colored RV/Van. Charley is vegan, & Scotty a cheese-aholic, which is a constant source of amusement as cheese is Scottys "rebellious" weakness, as she will sneak out to restaurants, stores, etc. to get some "forbidden" cheese. LOL!
Scotty also has a blog entitled, "Hollywood Nobody" where she 'scoops on Hollywood "somebodies", life at movie sets, & random cleb stuff.
One of the clebs that her blog is following when the book starts is a young actor, Seth Haas, who has yet to hit it big. To Scotty's surprise (& pleasure) Seth is going to be playing the lead role in the movie that Charley is working at. The movie (directed by Charley's love interest & close friend, Jeremy) is a modern retelling of "The Great Gatsby" ( Seth's character, Gatsby, is emo. Does that give you an idea of how modern? ;D). Scotty & Seth meet on a beach one night & a friendship starts.
Another key aspect is Charley's secrets. At one point Scotty tells Seth that on certain days of the year, Charley cries all day long & Scotty has no idea why. Scotty also has no idea who her father is. And Charley won't say a word.
Scotty's adventures are completely enjoyable & fun. I'll revisit Hollywood Nobody anytime!