Monday, May 21, 2007

When it's just to hard...

Life's really hard right now. I just want everyone to shut up & leave me alone. I'm exhausted. I fell asleep today as I was walking. I'm getting sick really easy. (Hormones) But, my friends have it even worse. One of my closest friends is under aresst. And having a super hard time in hr personnal life. Another is having serious issuses, at hom, at school, & at work. Speaking of wich, I hate his job. But, last night I had the most wonderful time at church. I had a "Spiritual High". Seriously. I got to church & was feeling kinda low, but, the second I got to church, I felt like I was high on drugs. It was weird. I was just jumping, & laughing & praising God. I even sang unexpectidlly on stage! So, I'm stuck in a tunnel I can't see the end of. I can see a light but I don't know what that light is. I don't know what this tunnel is either. But, I know I'll get to the end, & then I'll be able to see it. And why I had to go through it.


I found this on a friend's blog & had to post it. So me.

"What's it like to be unappreciated? It feels like you're not good enough. That nobody really cares. That all your hard work was for nothing. That you're of little value. What do you do when this feeling overwhelms you? Cry. Become angry. Become depressed. Pull within yourself. Stop giving. Become bitter. I have. I've done all of those...but you know what doing all those things did to me? It made me a sad, angry, depressed, withdrawn, selfish, bitter person. Nobody really wants to be like that do they? I know I don't. And I don't want to hang around somebody like that either. And being like that fixes nothing.

So...what should we do? "...fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith," (Hebrews 12:2) because He is the One we should be trying to please. Not our peers, not our parents, not our boyfriend or girlfriend, not our friends, not the people we look up to. Only God. Because He's the only one big enough to fill the void inside of you. You'll never be happy living your life for others. Live for Him and impressing everyone else, or receiving praise from everyone else won't seem quite so important anymore. "

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sunday, May 13, 2007

My mom & little sister are watching a historical/Christain/romance, &, I've had a really bad day & are emotionally drained, (No, wait! I gotta cry!) so, I'm looking for clean quizes & cool comp stuff to do. I found this on Bex's blog:

There's a 64% Chance You've Been Abducted By Aliens
There's a good chance that you've been abducted by crazy aliens.At least, that's what you've convinced yourself.
What Are the Chances that You've Been Abducted by Aliens?

Friday, May 11, 2007


That's right! I got my own cell! (Well, I have to share it with my little sister but, this way I don't have to pay the bill! ;) See my Meez, person? My phone's an LG CU400. (See above the Meez) Whatever that means. It's black. (My favorite color! ;) It doesn't have text-message though. (*sigh*)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

All work no play may have made Jack a dull boy
But all work no God has left Jack with a lost soul
But he's moving on full steam
He's chasing the American dream
And he's gonna give his family the finer things

Not this time son I've no time to waste
Maybe tomorrow we'll have time to play
And then he slips into his new BMW
And drives farther and farther and farther away

So He works all day and tries to sleep at night
He says things will get better;Better in time
And he works and he builds with his own two hands
And he pours all he has in a castle made with sand
But the wind and the rain are comin' crashing in
Time will tell just how long his kingdom stands
His kingdom stands

His American Dream is beginning to seem
More and more like a nightmare
With every passing day
"Daddy, can you come to my game?""Oh Baby, please don't work late."
Another wasted weekend
And they are slipping away

'Cause he works all day and lies awake at night
He tells them things will get better
It'll just take a little more time

He used to say, "Whoever dies with the most toys wins"
But if he loses his soul, what has he gained in the end
I'll take a shack on the rock
Over a castle in the sand
Now he works all day and cries alone at night
It's not getting any better
Looks like he's running out of time

'Cause he worked and he built with his own two hands
And he poured all he had in a castle made with sand
But the wind and the rain are coming crashing in
Time will tell just how long his kingdom stands
His kingdom stands

All they really wanted was You
All they really wanted was You
All they really wanted was You

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

My Favorite Things

My Favorite things:

1. The rock band HAWK NELSON

2. Books (especially fantasy)


4. LORD OF THE RINGS (movies and books)

5. Spending time with church friends

6. Weekends with Cousin Emily

7. Chick-fil-A's lemonade

8. The color BLACK (especially to wear)

9. Christian rock concerts

10. Praying and spending time with God

11. Playing the guitar and piano

12. Getting unexpected phone calls from special people

13. Roadtrips, especially with friends

14. Meeting famous people


16. Computer time

17. Clean Avril Lavigne songs

18. Grapefruit

19. The Jonas Brothers band

20.The Pop/Rock band Relient K

21.Recording artist Krystal Meyers

22. Colorado and the mountains

23. Singing and discovering people around me who can sing

24. Downtime

25. Busytime

26. Driving FAST with the windows down and the music BLARING!

27. Icecream (especially sherberts)

28. Sonic Reeses Blast!!!

29. Riding my horse

30. Blueberry bagels

31. Writing songs and stories

32. Stuffed crust pizza


34. When Seth plays "I will dance, I will sing"


Thursday, May 3, 2007


That's all for now.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

'What Mythalogical Creature are You? Quiz'

You scored as Mermaid. Mermaid: Mermaids are also known as Sirens. These creatures were beautiful women who tricked sailors into becoming completely entranced by their haunting voices and found death soon after. Not all stories of Mermaids are about gentle loving sea people. They are mystical, magical, and extremely dangerous. They have a way about them that brings anyone they are around to seem enchanted. They are very mysterious creatures and to meet one... Would mean certain Death. Let the song of the Sea fill your soul, for you are a Mermaid.













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Narnia Personnality Quiz
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'Star Wars Name & Title'

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