Monday, November 12, 2007

tobymac, TFK, BarlowGirl

last night, Field (my sister), Berry (one of my best friends), Findecáno (berry's brother), Amras (my bff, even though he IS a guy), Huor & myself our Chaperone went to a CONCERT! i LOVE concerts! my cousin, Moth, met us up there with her dad. well, actually i should say DOWN there, since it was in Hattiesburg. an hour south of me. ya know who was preforming? (well you can probably guess if you paid ANY attention to the title of this post!) tobymac & TFK! (Thousand Foot Krutch for you music ilits) oh, & BarlowGirl. but i dont like them. Hour did though. he got a crush on the drummer of BarlowGirl. & Moth loved her hair. "Very hard-core" she said. it was blond & flippy & looked like a heavy metal's hair. but BarlowGirl's anything BUT!
ok, concert started with guess what?-they couldnt find the light switch! now, normally, that would be a good thing. no lights! woo! but, they couldnt find the light switch to turn OFF the lights. yeah. not good. so, tobymac came up on stage & started throwing the football to members of the audience. (in your FACE Bubba! ;P & sometimes a member of TFK or a back-upper for T. Mac would launch themselves into the crowd & catch the ball! it was so fun!
FINALLY the concert started. (though they never found the switch for some of the lights.) Field, Findecano, Moth, Amaras & myself went up right against the "saftey fence" (yeah, safe for the singers. not for us. i twisted my ankle when i jumped on the fence's support.) for TFK.
for you who dont know, TFK is a hard rock/screamo band. their main singer, Trevor McKnevan discovered Hawk Nelson, so i pretty much owe them my snaity & life during these turbulent teenage years. ;D
then therewas a break, in which Moth & i scrambled for a drink & Moth bought a TFK shirt during BarlowGirl. (we dicieded to skip BarlowGirl) after BarlowGirl ( . they are WAY to mellow for moi.) there was a LOONG (15 minutes!) break for tobyMac ( ) to get set up.