Friday, January 18, 2008

Meet Eem

Eem is my adorable new Betta "Fighting" Fish. a friend gave him & his bowl to me so the only thing i had to pay for was his food & a water purifier. quite a gooddeal. ;D anyways, why the name Eem you might ask. well, really because it sounds cute. *hides face in hands in embarrassment over this display of girliness* but Eem is also Elvish for I. i found that out at this site. btw, Eem is almost exactly the color of the font.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

cHiCkEn PoX on my EYES!!!!!

WWWWWAAAAAHHHHH!!!! i've got a pox in my EYE! ooh! it hurts! *sniff* i need Sonic & a good book.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Jane Austen on PBS

Last night the first in the installment of the Complete Jane Austen aired on Masterpiece (Formally Theater). The one that played was Persuasions. I think I fell in love with Captain Wentworth. *happy sigh* I mean, what's Mr. Darcy to a naval officer? I mean, really. Anywho, I could so relate with poor Anne Elliot. Well, not the turning down true love part, the unrequited love part.The pining after someone you think is lost forever part. *dramatic sigh* Field & I loved the sisters, Louisa & Henrietta. They sorta reminded us of ourselves. ;D

Ya know, I think one reason I really liked this movie was because the main man wasn't wearing leggings! To qoute Larry the Cucumber "I don't look good in leggings". Too true! Or wait, maybe he was. I don't remember now. *rubs temple*

Ooh! Y'all have to check out this link:

You vote for your fave Austen man. Although I can't think who would want Mr. Collins. I
ck. Now, I shall end this post with another pic of British handsomeness. (And guess what! The hero of Mansfield Park looks
emo! Yayness!)

Monday, January 7, 2008

ChIcKeN pOx!!!!! HELP!!!

WAHHHH!!!!! i have cHiCkEn PoX!!!!!! *sob* my head hurts, my back hurts, my buttock hurts, EVERYTHING hurts!!!! the actual pox will appear soon. (see what a good blogger i am? i blog even as my pox are appearing!) so, i'm on the computer listening to my music since it got delete from my (insert profanities of your choice here) MP3 player!!!! WAAAAAAAAH! i NEED my Move Along song! *sob, sob, SOB* oh well, at least i'm still going to Swazi! i'm really started to get excited about it. i just wish i could see my friend in DC since i'm stopping there. *cyber hug Bex*

ah, well, now i must get off, & take my petty concerns & sickness with me. you are now free to go find a more interesting, uplifting blog now. try my mom's or her friend, Ms. Kelley. i think everything on there's is funny & uplifting, though maybe not as wll wrttn. ;P