Monday, September 15, 2008


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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Politics, or, We Don't Know Anything Anyway

This political year has been of especial interest to many people this year. History has been made several times over. Not only do we have the first big contender for presidency of African heritage, but also, a woman has been picked as the Vice Prez for the other big contender.

Oh yeah, you know who I'm talking 'bout now. Barak Obama and Sara Palin.

Obama had his speech-when was it?-a week ago? *yawn* It was soo boring. You'd think that someone who's had so much of his running steam based off his likability and eloquence would at least have an interesting speech. But no, that was too much for Obama at his acceptance speech. Now, my family and I are not Obama supporters or Dems, or even liberal. We're pretty core-line conservative, but I at least wanted to hear if Obama could say anything interesting and was disappointed when he didn't. Now, I know I'm too young to vote in this election. But I'll be of voting age next time, and if Obama wants to run again, he should be adding my generation into his calculations. And actually many of my friends and peers have watched and payed some attention to this race. If for nothing else, 'cause Obama's black and Palin's a woman.

Yes, many of my peers who wouldn't be able to tell you any candidates during any previous race have payed a good amount of attention to this race. It's interesting to us. Man against woman, minorities against majorities, rich against poor, oh wait, forgive me, both candidates are rich (regardless of what Obama tries to say.). It's the ultimate no-no race. It's pulling up all the taboos you're supposed to leave untouched. Everything from racial and gender issues, to teen pregnancy and the handicapped.

Which brings me to another thing. The media's having this freaking feeding-frenzy over Sara Palin's daughter being pregnant at seventeen. Why? I mean, it's not like Palin told her daughter, "Go have a good time getting knocked up tonight dear!" It was her daughter's choice. She's seventeen. More than capable to realize what she's doing and what the consequences are. She's dealing with enough, so is it too much to ask for them to leave the poor girl out of it? Yes of course it is. This is politics after all. Just as vicious as Hollywood, with far more important things in the balance.

Now I know that Sara Palin isn't the one up for presidential candidacy, but I'm sorry John McCain is boring. Yeah, he's got the whole soldier-and-POW thing goin' for him but, let's be honest here, there's nothing about him that just smacks you from the first and makes you go "Wow. That's really different.". Now, maybe he has something in his speeches or policies that is cool or special or something, but I am after all a teenager. And everyone knows we don't pay any attention to politics.