Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Have you ever been somewhere, just going about your own business & then BAM!-you see a ghost? Well, not a real ghost, but a "ghost" from your past? On the Fourth of July, I got the biggest freak-out by one.
We were leaving the firework show on the water in Ocean Springs. The fireworks had been beautiful & loud. Poor 4-going-on-14, he was terrified & kept saying "I am going to die.". Perfectly serious. So as we walked away, sandy & slightly shell-shocked, I saw him. There, standing on a corner looking at me was a guy who looked exactly like a guy I used to know. Only this guy was shorter & his hair was longer. He stared at me for a second, then smiled, waved, said hello & even pointed me out to his friend! I was so flustered & weirded-out I didn't even realize my dad was talking to me 'til he asked loudly what planet I was on. So I kept walking to our van & after a couple blocks I glanced behind me & EEK! He was RIGHT THERE! Like, ten feet behind me smiling at me. Finally he went down another road, but I was still so weirded-out. It was almost like someone had plucked a memory out of my mind & stuck it right there in front of me.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


What would inspire and drive men
to fight?
To sacrifice

Riches? Honor? Fear? Power?
Yes to all of these, but in this case it is
an idea.

The idea that perhaps
people should be free to make their own choice.
That maybe, just because something
or someone
is older, more powerful and simply stronger
it's not always right.

The idea that
"all men are created equal"

The idea that
"we the people"
are maybe able to make
our own choices.

Such an idea
inspired men to face
fire and water,
cold and heat,
hunger and disease,
blood and broken bones,
and the ultimate defeat of death.

We can sum this idea up
into a single word: