Saturday, April 28, 2007

Today was the last (Planned) fundraiser for my youth group. It was a car wash, & I'm SOOOOO compleatly sun-burned! It doesn't hurt that much though... Calafalas (Not real name) got HORRIBLY sun-burned! Everyone kept saying, "Calafalas! You are so burnt!" "Why does everyone keep saying that!?!" He would ask. "'Cause you are!" I replied. We didn't make very much money. :(

I wanted to donate my money that I've rasied 'cause my parents can pay for it. Some other kids who have to rasie the money by themselves could really need it! One very good thing about the church we're going to is that it's really opened my eyes & heart to the hardships & pains of others. Anyways...

Four of my friends weren't there. Olwë, (Again, not real name.) his little brother Pimpernel, Nienna & Anaranë. Anarane was at a softball game. Nienna has enough money raised so she can go to camp. I don't know where Olwe & Pimpernel were. I saw both of them today (YES!) but forgot to ask them.

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