Monday, June 11, 2007


My youthgroup wnet to Centrifuge last week. We had a most awesome time. There was some drama involved the first week. But, we evened it out. There were some girls who were going really boycrazy, some gossip going around, some out-of-control-tempers, but, all-in-all, it was a good week. The worship band, The Trae Castles Band was AWESOME! Their song, 'Tell the World' is stuck in everyone's head. That's a good thing! And I keep singing 'One Way, Jesus!'. Now I'm listening to, 'Constant'. Here's the first verse & chorus to 'Tell the World', & you'll see why we love it!

Don't wanna stand here & shout Your praise, then walk away & forget Your Name
I'll stand for You if that's all I do
'Cause there is none that compares to You

'Cause all I want in this whole world is You
'Cause all I want in this lifetime is You, You, You!

Tell the world that Jesus lives
Tell the world that!
Tell the world that!

Two girls received Christ! Praise! I love you Bre & V! Two guys who had always been shyer & on the outside, on became a valued confidant, & the other, a heartthrob! Really! When we left, thee was a group of people surrounding him, & some girls were even crying! Whoa, Mattman! ;) So, that's the funner stuff. I have one story that I just have to tell! I was walking around in my swimsuit & skirt w/ a girlfriend, (Toni) she had gone ahead to talk to someone, & as I walked by a bench filled with boys, "Hey baby!" On of them called out. Just as I snapped my head around to glare at them, a group of leaders passed by, including Trae! (Main singer of The Trae Castles Band. Totally hott. Definitely one of the 5 hottest guys I've ever seen. A Christian hottie, on fire for God & in a band! Doesn't get any better than that! ;) He heard them say that, & his head SNAPPED over their way, & gave them the evilest, you're-in-so-much-trouble, look, I started laughing. The guys got scared & jumped behind the bench. That succeeded to make me laugh so hard, I was gasping & clutching my stomach. I told her & she laughed too. That was fun.

Here's the link to Trae's Band's myspace:

The official 'Fuge site: Remember, I was at Union university

And the speaker, Nic Allen's family blog: (:Let's sing The Lillie Cate Song! Lillie, Lillie, Lillie, Lillie, Lillie Cate. Lillie, Lillie, Lillie, Lillie, Lillie Cate. I really, really, really, really, think you're great. My Lillie, Lillie, Lillie Cate!)

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