Friday, August 31, 2007

hard stuff..

as some of you know, my Gradfather died Sunday, & my dad's stepdad died at the beginning of the month. so, I've now been to two funerals in a month. & 3 visitations this month. the 1st was my friend Failariƫl's mom. her mom's death was compleatly unexcpected & tragic. that was the 1st visitation i had ever been too. i dont mind death, but dead, waxy bodies in coffins? UGH! (*shudder of revulsion*) what's the worst is looking at a person that you've seen alive, breathing, thinking, laughing, crying, speaking, & now they're a poor wax figurine imitation of someone. the spirits gone, the body's dead, what's the point? everyone reading this this is an official announcment by me: I REFUSE AN OPEN-CASKET VISITATION! thank you. & dont think i'm joking! if i die & you dont say anything & they have an open-casket for me, i'll come back & haunt you, 4 real! more on this subject later.

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