Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Have you ever been somewhere, just going about your own business & then BAM!-you see a ghost? Well, not a real ghost, but a "ghost" from your past? On the Fourth of July, I got the biggest freak-out by one.
We were leaving the firework show on the water in Ocean Springs. The fireworks had been beautiful & loud. Poor 4-going-on-14, he was terrified & kept saying "I am going to die.". Perfectly serious. So as we walked away, sandy & slightly shell-shocked, I saw him. There, standing on a corner looking at me was a guy who looked exactly like a guy I used to know. Only this guy was shorter & his hair was longer. He stared at me for a second, then smiled, waved, said hello & even pointed me out to his friend! I was so flustered & weirded-out I didn't even realize my dad was talking to me 'til he asked loudly what planet I was on. So I kept walking to our van & after a couple blocks I glanced behind me & EEK! He was RIGHT THERE! Like, ten feet behind me smiling at me. Finally he went down another road, but I was still so weirded-out. It was almost like someone had plucked a memory out of my mind & stuck it right there in front of me.

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