Monday, January 7, 2008

ChIcKeN pOx!!!!! HELP!!!

WAHHHH!!!!! i have cHiCkEn PoX!!!!!! *sob* my head hurts, my back hurts, my buttock hurts, EVERYTHING hurts!!!! the actual pox will appear soon. (see what a good blogger i am? i blog even as my pox are appearing!) so, i'm on the computer listening to my music since it got delete from my (insert profanities of your choice here) MP3 player!!!! WAAAAAAAAH! i NEED my Move Along song! *sob, sob, SOB* oh well, at least i'm still going to Swazi! i'm really started to get excited about it. i just wish i could see my friend in DC since i'm stopping there. *cyber hug Bex*

ah, well, now i must get off, & take my petty concerns & sickness with me. you are now free to go find a more interesting, uplifting blog now. try my mom's or her friend, Ms. Kelley. i think everything on there's is funny & uplifting, though maybe not as wll wrttn. ;P



Drewe Llyn said...

As my mother would say, "Bless it." *Insert pat on the head or shoulder.*

Nyan said...


bex said...

aw im sorry you got the pox. I also didn't know that you were coming to DC. im sure you didn't stay long though. If you did though I would have tried to come see you!