Monday, January 14, 2008

Jane Austen on PBS

Last night the first in the installment of the Complete Jane Austen aired on Masterpiece (Formally Theater). The one that played was Persuasions. I think I fell in love with Captain Wentworth. *happy sigh* I mean, what's Mr. Darcy to a naval officer? I mean, really. Anywho, I could so relate with poor Anne Elliot. Well, not the turning down true love part, the unrequited love part.The pining after someone you think is lost forever part. *dramatic sigh* Field & I loved the sisters, Louisa & Henrietta. They sorta reminded us of ourselves. ;D

Ya know, I think one reason I really liked this movie was because the main man wasn't wearing leggings! To qoute Larry the Cucumber "I don't look good in leggings". Too true! Or wait, maybe he was. I don't remember now. *rubs temple*

Ooh! Y'all have to check out this link:

You vote for your fave Austen man. Although I can't think who would want Mr. Collins. I
ck. Now, I shall end this post with another pic of British handsomeness. (And guess what! The hero of Mansfield Park looks
emo! Yayness!)

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