Monday, March 19, 2007

The ABCs of ME!

A- Available/Single?: Single, might be available. (Depends on whom is asking.;)
B - Best Friend?: Don't really have one. All my best friends abandon me.(Isn't that sad?:( ) I guess Jesus would be one. And my twin. Oh! And mason. And LemonySnicket. (Sometimes. When she's not killin me. Or (On rare occasions) vice-versa.) And my comp pal.
C- Cake or Pie?: Pie. (Wait, what kind are you offering?)
D - Drink Of Choice?: Lemonade (From Chick-fil-a please!)
E - Essential Item You Use Everyday?: Books, & the comp.
F - Favorite Color?: I have, um, three. Black, Blue & Orange
G - Gummy Bears Or Worms?: Gummy Worms (Sour)

H – Homeschooled how long?: All my life (Only been in a real school once.)
I – Indulgence? Sweets!: (Even if they DO effect my stomache. I'm not worried about my weight, that's for sure!)
J - January Or February?: January (February has Valentines Day. I HATE Valentines Day! Will explain about that later.)

K - Kids & Their Names?: Um, twins, if I have any. (Isn't that crazy?) Or none. I'll name the girl, Raven. Or Nyan. And the boy, uh, Jacen Hawk Jett. (Whatever my last name is. (Can I insert one? No. I won't go there.;) Oh! Uh, Jacen, is prenounced, Jason.
L - Life Is Incomplete Without?: God. And books. And MUSIC! 9And a certaint guy that'sd been on my mmind!)
M - Marriage Date?: Not married

N- Number Of Siblings?: 6 (*WAAAAHHHHHH*;)
O - Oranges Or Apples?: Oranges! (I LOVE citrus stuff!)
P - Phobias/Fears?: Uh, none really. I guess hot guys. They freak me out.
Q - Favorite Quote?: "All that is gold does not glitter." & "Not all who wander are lost."
R - Reason to Smile?: Jesus, & books, & music. Oh! And DEFFIN-IT-LY Hawk Nelson! (Smile, It's The end of The World!;)
S - Season?: Fall. And then Winter.

T - Tag Four People?: Huh?
U - Unknown Facts About Me?: I'm a Goth/Punk-Rocker/Tomboy-Jock/Brain-i-ack/SLIGHT (Only SLIGHT) prep/artsy person/dreamer-writer/Even a bit of a blond. Wait. What was the question again? Oh! Right! I'm not sure if that's unkown. I think most punk & goth guys are hot.
V - Vegetable you don’t like?: I hate all vegetables.
W - Worst Habit?: Saying, 'Dude' & 'Like'.
X - X-rays You’ve Had?: I had my foot (More specifically, my toe.) X-Rayed.
Y - Your Favorite Food?: Stuffed Crust pizza, Ice-Cream, & Rachael Ray's Italian Roast Beef Sandwich.
Z- Zodiac Sign?: Don't know. And I don't care!

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