Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What would happen?...

I know this is a depressing post but,

I wonder what would happened if I died. Right now. Who would come to my funeral? Who would cry or say something? Who would even care?

Yeah. So that's pretty morbid, but, I couldn't help it. I wonder if Her HAM (High And Mightiness) Sharpay ( My 5 yod sister) would even miss me. Would "?" (Bleach!) finally admit he was practically in LOVE with me. How would my Youth Group react? Would some even care? Would one of my close friends question life? Would my unsaved friend consider Christ? Or would it harden him to the truth? How about my relatives who don't believe in God?

I can't help thinking these questions. (Don't worry. I'm not considering suicide.) I wish I could, like, control time & see.

What if I was seriously injured? Who would come visit me in the Hospital? I just can't stop thinking about this. Just like I can't stop thinking about the End Times & prophecies. Anyways, I'll get over this. Just had to get it out.

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