Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ok. I wanted to post about the something that happened at a concert we had at our church Sunday. Well, I had brought one of my friends who's really gorgeous & nuce with me. So, I was talking to my crush afterwards, (Still can't think up a comp screen name for him. Help please!) & he said, "Oh, Anna! How old is your friend, Bri?" I could feel myself turning red & crumbling. He had never noticed any girl except me before! "Oh, um. She's twelve." (He's sixteen) "Oh. Twelve." He said & walked away looking dejected. I ran up to Bri, & pulled her aside. "Bri! I am so (*this was said playfully*) ticked at you!" "Why?" She asked. "Crush (that'll have to do for now) just asked how old you are! He was gonna ask you out!" She laughed & rolled her eyes. She thinks he's silly.)


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