Monday, March 19, 2007


Because my parents are SOOOOOOO paranoid (My mom INSISTS I'm saying this with a "good attitude".) they won't let me have my own email addy. So, I have to share their's. And so, on this E-Blogger, it won't let me have a different profile from my mom. (Like I told my mom, "I love you & all, but I don't want to BE YOU!") So, I'll have to post it here.

  1. My username is Nyan. (Or should it be Raven? Raven, Nyan. Raven, Nyan. Nyan.)
  2. I'm a teen girl (Duh!)
  3. I'm learning to play the guitar. And am very "musically inclined".
  4. I enjoy writing (and singing) songs. I'm told they are very (And yes, I AM bragging!) good. But sad. (My friends ALWAYS cry when they read them! Even the ones that aren't supposed to be sad!)
  5. I LOOOVE writing books & articles.
  6. I love reading!
  7. Daydreaming is a must with me.
  8. I own a horse & enjoy (When I'm not too busy) riding him. And working with my donkey too.
  9. I love God, & revel in spending time with him. He always listens when I cry.
  10. I'm an avid member of my youth group.
  11. Two of my best friends are guys.
  12. Four of them are girls. Two are in my HS group. One goes to my chruch. And one I met online! (Hi Rebekah/Alewyn!)
  13. I get along with guys better than girls.
  14. I ABHOR math!
  15. I love history, english & geography. (e.i. Social Studies)
  16. Star Wars & LOTR ROCK! (Why is the font turning black?) (Oh. There. I fixed it.)
  17. I'm the thechnical mind of the family. (When it comes to comps at least.)

That's it. For now. (*Mwah-ha-ha-ha!*)


bex said...

lol! hey. It's me Aelwyn or Rebekah. Nice blog

Elysa said...

THX! Hey, Happy B-day! Did ya get my message on the foum?

Oh, b.t.w., I'm NOT Elysa. That's my mom's account.