Monday, July 23, 2007


I had a dream of you, last night
It was just like our old times
Before you changed away
You smiled last night
And in my dream you laughed

We smiled & laughed like we used to
We had fun & & were in love like we always were
You used to be happy & loved me
Now you're not (don't)
And i wonder why
As i cry myself to sleep

I woke up this morning, seeing your face
Free from haunted lines
Joy loose on your face
Instead of that dispare marked on every breath you take

I wrap my arms around your dream-self
I've wanted to do that so many times
I wipe away your tears & fears
Then we'll go to a place, my dream place for us

(Chorus repeat)

And i remember,
You smiled once
And still do,
in my dream

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