Monday, July 2, 2007

Rockin Girl Blog Award

My mom awarded me my 1st ever Blog Award. The Rockin' Girl Blog Award. She said,

"My oldest daughter A is literally a ROCKER! Her blog, is filled to nearly overflowing with Christian rock videos, lyrics, quizzes, concert info, and photos. She loves Christian rock and loves listening to it, reading about it, visiting related websites, going to concerts, dancing to it, and blasting out her own songs. Worshipping God through modern music is one of her favorite parts of our church's life."

Now I have to award it too 5 people. And i give it to (drumroll please *DRUM-DA-DA-DUM!*) Bekah! ( ) Lydia! ( ) Trist! ( ) Candace! ( ) And Cassie! ( ) Check out their blogs & see why I gave them the awards! Lydia & Trist were obvious. (Lydia's a SwitchFoot fanatic & Trist's a FOB, HSM & Jesse MC fan.) Bekah's blog's got tons of MVs (Music Videos). Candace really is a rocker (Even though on the cover she may seem not. She really is.). She LOVES Family Force 5! And Cassie well, just rox! ;) Love ya all! :* (*kiss*)

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bex said...

OMGOSH! thanks! Now I really wish I had been here to receive that award. But that's so cool. I wish I could live up to that name on my blog. you should meet me in real a concert. lol