Friday, July 20, 2007

this font is red. the color of my blood. actually mine's darker. almost black. you may be wondering, "why's she talking like this? oh no. what's she gonna do now!?", but, i promise. im all right. sorta. ive been thinking alot about the spiritual. i feel, trapped, in the body of a 13 year old. my thoughts & feelings are those of one almost twice my age. people judge me by my age, my dark clothes, my grades, etc. i hate judging. i can't stand people who judge. unfortunatly i do it myself too. i wish i didnt. its the thing that makes me feel guilty weeks later. i hate racim. in any & all forms. whether discriminating against color, clothing style, looks, grades, friends, whatever. what i hate most of all, is when people are nasty to my friends about being goth or emo. especially if they're not Christians. & the people being racist to the say they are. i mean, if youre a real follower of God, then you'll want to bring people to him. now, if someone (And some have) came up to me & said, "You're goth. (Or whatever) So you're going to Hell." i would probably tell them to go to Hell themselves. (Sorry. its the truth.) so, to me, if i hear someone saying that who claims to be a Christian, i want to (& sometimes do!) ask them if theyre Christians, then why are they acting worse than most who abhore God. thats my sermon of the week. take it or leave it.


Drewe Llyn said...

What you're saying is pretty much what Kyle has gone through and dealt with during his teen years. Unfortunatly, most of that judging comes from the "Christian" community. He's an incredibly strong person for it, and I've no doubt he is on his way to becoming a great man of God. Same with you. Be true to God and live to please Him and Him only. You'll be stronger for it as you become a great woman of God.

Nyan said...

Thanks Ms. Drewe Lyn